NEW HOURS: MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:30AM-7:00pm, SATURDAY: 8:00AM - 3:00PM


Healthcare needs to transform along with the modern world, so we’ve made care available at the push of a button!!!

In order to provide the most accessible patient care, you can now directly message our medical team through Rhinogram’s HIPAA-compliant communication platform. 

Convenience and clarity are important when your little ones are sick. Just text our main number at (720) 458-6543, message us on Facebook, or click the ‘Text Us’ icon at the top of the screen. 

You can then instantly schedule appointments or receive advice from an on-call medical professional!

Secure and Simple! 

Our priority is protecting you and your children’s health information. We will always ask for consent to communicate through Rhinogram’s messaging service during the initial conversation. Your number will then be saved as a known contact for the patient(s) being discussed. This way, you can securely ask us medical questions or request medication refills. Every conversation through Rhinogram will be saved in order to promote consistency in your child’s medical care. 

Easily send photos to your provider

Helpful for rashes, minor injuries, or a pesky case of pink eye. Save an unnecessary trip to the ER by getting advice on whether a situation is urgent, emergent, or suitable for an office visit. 

Rhinogramm Keeps A Patient Communication Record

Rest assured, our conversations are encrypted to keep your data secure. Conversations are recoded and stored in the cloud for easy retrieval.