Supporting Our Teachers

I still remember her thirty-seven years later! Mrs. Oakland. She was my 9th-grade history teacher. I LOVED that class. She was a tough old gal but instilled in me a deep love and appreciation for history, an unquenchable thirst for learning, an inextinguishable drive for excellence, and a deep passion for teaching. In fact, to this day, I still try to emulate her motivating teaching methods and tough-love relationships with my own graduate students. I wish I would have had the maturity and forethought to thank her back then. How many children’s lives did she touch? Did she know how wonderful she was? Did she feel appreciated and valued every day? Did anyone ever thank her?

Appreciating Our Teachers

As the teachers of Colorado prepare to walk out of their classrooms on Friday, we at Mainstreet Pediatrics, want to show our support. We recognize how important a teacher is to your child’s education and development. Most teachers work 50 or more hours a week. Many spend an additional 12+ hours on tasks and activities that they don’t even get paid for.

Considering these long hours, it stands to reasons that a teacher is poised to become one of the most influential people in your child’s life outside of the home. Teachers work tirelessly throughout your child’s school years to teach knowledge, role model, and mentor. Teachers also act as the watchdog for any signs of trouble in the student’s life. On average, a teacher affects over 3000 students over the course of their careers. In fact, a 2010 survey found that 88% of Americans report having a teacher who had a “significant and positive” impact on their lives. Of these respondents, 83% said a teacher helped boost their self-esteem, 75% said a teacher served as a mentor, 79% reported a teacher encouraging them to follow their dreams and 54% said a teacher helped them through a difficult time.

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If You Can Read This, Thank a Teacher

As the bumper sticker says, ‘If you can read this, thank a teacher’. It is the literal truth. While most of us may think of TV stars or professional athletes as role models, teachers are among the few people who truly affect everyone’s lives in a direct and positive way. So, how can we support this group of people who have worked long hours, often selflessly, for us and our children?

Helping Our Teachers

Teachers say they hope parents come in for open houses and help make sure their kids’ homework gets done. They also hope parents will get in touch if there are any problems in the student’s school or home life that they should know about.

Whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or just an involved community member, another great way to help is by volunteering. Most school districts are always looking for folks to run book fairs, help at teacher appreciation lunches, or just put in an hour assembling packets of paperwork. You can even help out teachers all over the country through a donation site called Donors Choose. It matches generous people with teachers who need help supplying their classrooms. Cool idea!

Mainstreet Pediatrics support the teachers of Parker and all over Colorado, and we sincerely thank you for your service!

P/S: Thank you, Mrs. Oakland!

We hope your children have a fun-filled and safe summer! We are here 7-days per week to get your kids ready for summer camp, to play sports, or (gulp!), get ready to go back to school! Contact us to learn more about our Spring and Summer Camp/Sports/Back-to-School Walk-in Clinics!

Supporting Our Teachers

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